AES Employees Undergo Asbestos Training

After learning the proper methodologies to cordon off an active work area involving asbestos, AES employees undergo training to properly isolate asbestos containing material to safely remove/decommission the asbestos.

PFAS Seminar – AllenES’ 2nd Seminar in the Year-long Environmental Seminar Series in 2021

John Ryan, P.G. tackled the complex and on point issue of PFAS in AllenES’ 2nd Seminar in our Year-long Environmental Seminar Series scheduled during 2021.  The presentation included background information, issues of concern, evolving regulations, and implications to both private and public sectors.

Brad Marler presents to MSU Environmental Assessment Class

Do you remember your first job?  Was it overwhelming?  Maybe you did not have all the information to make you decision?  Many students may not be aware of the exciting opportunities in the Natural Resources consulting field.  Mr. Brad Marler of AllenES gave an informative and engaging lecture about career opportunities in Natural Resources consulting to the environmental assessment class at Mississippi State University.

First Seminar in the Environmental Seminar Series Planned for 2021

On February 9, 2021, Rick Sumrall, P.E.  of AllenES held a live webinar discussing the recently Issued Industrial Storm Water General Permit.  This is the first seminar in the yearlong Environmental Seminar Series AllenES has planned for 2021.  Another example of using technology to benefit our clients.


Completed Wolf Bay Watershed Plan

AllenES and Volkert are proud of the completed Wolf Bay Watershed Plan developed for the Mobile Bay National Estuary Program.  The plan identifies specific and achievable measures to restore, protect, conserve, and preserve features of the Wolf Bay, which is an Outstanding Alabama Water and its Watershed.  For more details, please visit


Construction of Facility Access Road

Depicted below is AllenES’  field inspection of the construction of a perimeter access road at solid waste management facility in northeast Mississippi.

Understanding the Effectiveness of Phytoremediation

AllenES is utilizing 10-point passive gas samplers in order to determine the effectiveness of Phytoremediation techniques used as a remedial strategy on groundwater contamination.

Phytoremediation is the use of living plants for in situ remediation of contaminated groundwater and soil and can provide cost effective alternatives to traditional methods.



Recap of 2020 Success

To recap a success in 2020, AllenES oversaw construction of the first new Mississippi municipal landfill in years.

The landfill is located in Marshall County, Mississippi.

Using Drones in Planning Projects


The American Planning Association (APA) is promoting the use of drone technology to assist local planners in gaining a better understanding of the communities and environments in which they work.

AllenES has a Licensed and Certified Drone Operator on staff to assist you with your planning needs.

To understand how drone technology can be incorporated into planning projects, visit