Strategic Planning Services

AllenES offers strategic and comprehensive planning services to the public and private sectors related to environmental issues, resilience and sustainability, and business continuity of operations in support of our core practice areas, which include:

– Ecological Services,
– Industrial and Public Infrastructure,
– Remediation and Restoration, and
– Waste Management.

Surveys Conducted for Federally Threatened Species

AllenES natural resources scientists recently completed a survey for the federally threatened Price’s Potato-bean (Apios priceana) in north-central Mississippi. This small vine grows from a large tuber (potato) in the ground and occurs along the edges of forest openings including highways and utility corridors.

Currently, there are only four known populations of Price’s Potato-bean in Mississippi.



Construction Completed for Dredge Containment for Wolf River Restoration Project

Wetlands and Waters of the U.S. Update Post Sackett Decision

John Ryan, P.G. Presented the Latest PFAS Issues and Proposed Regulations

John Ryan, a Principal Geologist with AllenES, presented an update on PFAS issues and regulations.  John discussed the physical/chemical characteristics of these compounds and what makes them so useful in the market as a consumer and challenging to address as a consultant.

These compounds are known as Forever Chemicals and are found in products ranging from cooking ware to cosmetics.  AllenES will continue to track the ever-evolving local, State and Federal regulatory, assessment and remediation landscape associated with this complex class of emerging contaminants.


Casey Lungrin Joins the Growing AllenES Team

AllenES is pleased to welcome Casey Lungrin as our newest employee!

Casey has over twelve years of experience and has joined our team as a Regional Sales Representative.

We are excited to have her on board!


Airport Services

AllenES is proud to partner with Jackson Municipal Airport Authority (JMAA) to help them deliver successful projects and grow aviation in MS.


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