Jay Estes, AICP, AllenES Senior Principal Planner, and Miriam Boone, MPA, CFM, AICP, Community Development Director for the City of Foley will co-present as part of the Coastal Community Resilience tract of the 2024 Gulf of Mexico Conference to be held in Tampa, Florida, February 19-22.

Their presentation will include an overview of Smart Home America’s Resilient Housing Guide and the practical application of the guide in the development of the City of Foley’s Resilient Housing Plan.



Allen Engineering and Science (AllenES) supported Kerioth Corporation by providing structural engineering design and construction services for the recently completed 32,000 square foot Club 4 Fitness in Baton Rouge, Louisiana.

The project included numerous foundation and framing modifications, including removal of interior load-bearing walls to transform the existing building into an open, modern, exercise and physical fitness training facility.

Site Characterization Innovation

AllenES is actively working on a number of challenging remediation sites across the southeast. We are using a variety of real-time, non-invasive technologies to assist in resolving the subsurface hydrogeochemical setting including 1) mapping the 3D-extent of non-aqueous phase liquids (NAPL), 2) mapping the geologic conditions including permeable sand and gravel channels that offer preferential horizontal as well as vertical migration pathways, 3) quantifying target organic chemicals in soil, groundwater and soil gas phases and 4) identifying buried waste and tanks in the subsurface. Technologies that we are actively applying include electrical resistivity imaging/tomography, hand-held Fourier Transform Infrared spectroscopy (FTIR), electromagnetic induction tooling, downhole direct imaging Membrane Interface Probe/Optical Image Profiler (MIP/OIP) and Hydraulic Profiling tool (HPT), and hydrophobic diazo dyes. Deploying these field technologies and techniques are providing real-time data to address uncertainty in the subsurface at a much higher resolution and confidence.

AllenES is committed to applying innovative technologies and approaches to meeting our clients’ objectives in a timely, cost effective and robust manner.

National Enforcement and Compliance Initiatives

Rick Sumrall, P.E. is a Senior Engineer with AllenES and served as a Environmental Regulatory Compliance Specialist prior to joining our firm. As part of the AllenES seminar series, Rick provided an overview of National Enforcement and Compliance Initiatives which could impact our industrial and manufacturing clients in the upcoming years. For more information or for permitting and compliance assistance, please contact

AllenES Welcomes Two Scientists to the Team

AllenES is pleased to announce  two new scientists have joined our team: Joshua Dunn and Kolby Buckley.

Josh  received his B.S. in Geography from University of Southern Mississippi and has served in the private sector providing multi-media sampling, data management and quality control services.

Kolby received his B.S. in Wildlife Conservation and has a Minor of Science in Forestry. He brings passion and experience regarding biological and natural resources management.

Design and Construct Wetland Enhancements

AllenES was privileged to work with Wildlife Mississippi and the Natural Resources Conservation Service to design and construct enhancements to the wetland easements in Sunflower County.

The project included enhancements to seven moist soil areas over a 600-acre easement which will provide excellent habitat for migrating waterfowl.

Strategic Planning Services

AllenES offers strategic and comprehensive planning services to the public and private sectors related to environmental issues, resilience and sustainability, and business continuity of operations in support of our core practice areas, which include:

– Ecological Services,
– Industrial and Public Infrastructure,
– Remediation and Restoration, and
– Waste Management.

Surveys Conducted for Federally Threatened Species

AllenES natural resources scientists recently completed a survey for the federally threatened Price’s Potato-bean (Apios priceana) in north-central Mississippi. This small vine grows from a large tuber (potato) in the ground and occurs along the edges of forest openings including highways and utility corridors.

Currently, there are only four known populations of Price’s Potato-bean in Mississippi.




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