Water Impoundment and Containment Pond

Comstock Oil and Gas, LP (Comstock) engaged AllenES in various aspects associated with the company╩╝s exploration and production operations in the Tuscaloosa Marine Shale Play. Specifically, AllenES addressed the company╩╝s water resource demands associated with the exploration and production needs. AllenES conducted initial site screenings and surveys for the potential location of a water facility containment pond. We also assisted with the permitting and compliance requirements for the lined surface water impoundment in Wilkinson County, Mississippi.

AllenES designed, engineered, permitted, and oversaw the construction of a 7-acre hydraulic fracturing pond and installation of the geomembrane liner. The services also included development of construction drawings, preparation of bid documents, review of bids, selection of contractor, and on-going oversight and construction management.

The impoundment was designed to store surface water sourced from the nearby Buffalo River under a separate withdrawal permit issued by the Mississippi Department of Environmental Quality (MDEQ). As such, sediment and erosion control measures were installed to divert and treat the stormwater that falls around the impoundment during construction and throughout its operating life. Also, AllenES developed and implemented a SWPP Plan and SPCC Plan and conducted groundwater and facility monitoring.