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Solid Waste Group Presented with 2019 Business Sector Excellence Award

AllenES is proud of the Solid Waste Group for its outstanding performance in 2019.  The group was presented the 2019 Business Sector Excellence Award on Tuesday, February 4, 2020.  Way to go, Team!!

Pictured from Left to Right: Rick Sumrall, P.E., Justin Hill, P.E., Joseph Wilson, Michael Hohm, P.E., and Jeff Allen, P.E.

Construction Team Dinner to Kick-off New Year

AllenES and Picket Industries hosted a dinner for the Construction Team at a project site location to kick-off the New Year.

Wow! Current List of Embrace the Gulf Proclamations Continues to Grow!

Caleb H. Dana, Jr., P.E. Retires After 26 Years

One of our company’s founding partners has retired after 26 years of service and commitment.

The group gathered together to honor Caleb Dana at Georgia Blue in Madison, Mississippi on January 8th.

We wish Caleb a happy retirement!


Happy Holidays!

AllenES’  Staff had a wonderful Christmas lunch at Char.  We missed those who could not join us!

GOMA Coastal Resilience Winter Meeting

Dr. Melissa Pringle presented at the GOMA Coastal Resilience Winter Meeting on December 11, 2019.  It was a two day team meeting designed to bring partners together across the Gulf region to plan for a healthier Gulf of Mexico and more resilient coastal communities.

a group of people sitting at a table

Another Proclamation – Texas Chapter of the ASBPA Proclaims 2020 to be the Year to Embrace the Gulf!


AllenES enjoyed participating in the MS Restoration Summit in Biloxi, Mississippi

AllenES had the opportunity to highlight two coastal restoration projects while participating in the MS Restoration Summit.  One project is the beneficial use of dredge material for coastal restoration, and the second project is the beach outfalls living laboratory design for water quality improvement and coastal restoration.