Coastal Resilience- AllenES Project Profile

“Coastal resilience means building the ability of a community to ‘bounce back’ after hazardous events such as hurricanes, coastal storms, and flooding – rather than simply reacting to impacts” – NOAA

Released as part of the Gulf of Mexico Alliance’s (GOMA) Coastal Community Resilience Team’s Clean & Resilient Marina Initiative, the Clean & Resilient Marina Guidebook calls for the promotion and expansion of resilient and environmentally responsible operations and best management practices at marinas.

It builds on the Gulf of Mexico States’ proven Clean Marina Certification Programs. This improved program complements Clean Marina practices already in place and provides additional recommendations to strengthen local marinas’ ability to withstand natural and man-made disasters. GOMA’s Clean & Resilient Marina Guidebook is a three document set that provides marina owners and operators with useful information on tools and recommended practices. In addition, a Clean & Resilient Marina Policy Guide and an Educational Tri-fold Brochure are available. Click below for downloads:

Clean & Resilient Marina Guidebook Document Set:
Clean & Resilient Marina Guidebook-at-a-Glance (pdf, 1 MB)
Clean & Resilient Marina Guidebook Volume I (pdf, 2 MB)
Clean & Resilient Marina Guidebook Volume II-Appendices (pdf, 42 MB)

Other Documents:
Clean & Resilient Marina Policy Guide (pdf, 500 kb)
Educational Tri-fold Brochure (pdf, 250 kb)

Project Contact:

Allen Engineering and Science

Dr. Melissa Pringle


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